Shoemaker reveals how a woman snubbed him at a recent entrepreneurs’ hangout and what happened afterwards

Never judge a book by its cover, they say, and a woman learnt this the hard way at a recent  event for entrepreneurs.


Adeoluwa Billions, an indigenous shoemaker in Nigeria, said he met a woman at an entrepreneurs hangout and introduced himself, then offered his hand for a handshake. But the woman snubbed him and refused his handshake because she’s never heard of him.


@Gbaja_Adeoluwa tweeted: 


I was at Entrepreneurs hangout recently and I told this girl I run a shoe company, she refused to shake my hand & said she knows only 3 reliable shoe makers in Naija
1. David Wej.
2. Joe Maverick Shoes.
3. Nineteenth shoes.

I just shook my head & walked away, she didn’t know ?



Well, unknown to the woman, the man she snubbed is the founder of one of the brands which she mentioned.



To make matters worse for her, during the event, the same man she snubbed was assigned to mentor her.



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