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The shamelessness among African politicians is becoming too shameful

Tuface Idibia went all out against African politicians as he berated the state of the education and value system in the continent. 


The singer stated that the entire education and value system needs to change in Africa. Also taking a swipe at those also calling him out for cancelling a planned protest, the veteran singer asked what they’ve been able to achieve since then. Read Tuface’s tweets below; 




Recall that Tuface suffered a backlash after he cancelled his February 2017 anti-government protest, blaming it all on security. 


Kim Kardashian poses up a storm in a sexy silver metalic swimsuit (Photos)

Reality star and mother of four, Kim Kardashian, took to Instagram to share these new set of sexy photos of herself posing at the beach while clad in a sexy silver metalic swimsuit.   See more photos below.   The post Kim Kardashian poses up a storm in a sexy silver metalic swimsuit (Photos) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Ubi Franklin’s baby mama makes a clarification on what she meant by playing the role of a father and mother

Ubi Franklin’s first baby mama, Jennifer has made a clarification on what she meant when she said she plays the role of a father and mother for their daughter, Zaneta. 


Recall that the US-based lady’s birthday message to her daughter which read in part  “Today am thankful and grateful to God for giving me the wisdom, Grace and strength to play both role of a father and mother in your life my Amazing blessing” was misinterpreted by those who felt it meant Ubi Franklin was a deadbeat Dad. 


Jennifer backed Ubi Franklin’s comment of her birthday message meaning that he is not physically present in the US to take care of their daughter and not being a deadbeat father. According to her, people will always say what they don’t understand.  



Ubi Franklin also revealed why he had to address the misinterpretation of the birthday message in an Instagram exchange with Tonto Dikeh. The music executive said he had to talk about it because people ask him questions when he shows up for different meetings. 



Senator Shekarau slams Governor Wike over mosque demolition and declaring Rivers state a Christian state

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau on Friday August 30, slammed Governor Nyesom Wike over the demolition of a mosque in Port Harcourt and declaring Rivers State which he governs a Christian state. 


Though the Rivers state government denied carrying out the demolition, the former Kano State Governor and Senator Representing Kano Central Senatorial District called on all right-thinking Nigerians to condemn the act which he described as “reckless”. 


He said “All rationale and conscious citizens of this great country, Nigeria should join in condemning the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike for recklessly demolishing the Rainbow Town Central Mosque located at the Trans-Amadi Area of Port Harcourt and for irresponsibly declaring Rivers State a “Christian State,” and claiming to owe no apology to anyone.

“Muslims and other right-thinking and peace-loving citizens of this country should come together to condemn, in strongest terms, this irresponsible, reckless, rabble-rousing Governor whose apparent aim is to ignite a religious conflagration, the kind of which has never been seen in recent times.

“If a Muslim Governor were to come out openly and declare his state a “Muslim State” and proceed to demolish a church for any reason, all hell would have since broken loose in Nigeria, and sections of the Christian community would have since rushed to the “international community” and even the United Nations seeking protection against Muslims.

“The action of Governor Wike is a pointer to his being induced by other than rationale brain waves, as no leader in his right senses would contemplate stoking these embers of discord in a country so religiously, ethnically and regionally charged as Nigeria.

“We must repeat that were a Muslim Governor to be reckless to utter even half of what Governor Wike uttered, the fragile peace holding in this country would have since been jeopardized because of the intolerant nature of a section of the citizenry.

“Yet here we are, with the added tragedy of a cohort Christian clergy lining up to bless and endorse Governor Wike’s action.”


Senator Shekarau added that Nigeria belongs to everyone and no state in Nigeria can claim to be mono-religious. He went on to name some Rivers State indigenes who are Muslims. 


“Nigeria belongs to all, and no state in Nigeria could claim to be mono religious.

“It only takes a responsible leadership to carry everybody along. When I held sway as governor of Kano State between 2003 and 2011, we encouraged and guided the people to lead their lives according to the tenets of Islamic Law (Shari’ah).

”But we neither became power-drunk to demolish Churches nor disregarded the provisions of section 10 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to declare Kano an Islamic State.

“Our fair dealings with every section of the community earned us commendation, even from Kano State Chapter and National Body of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) at different occasions. These Christian leaders are a still alive today to attest to my claim.

“It may interest Wike to learn that Mr. Tala Ilo from Bayelsa State and Mr. Chris Chibuzor Azuka from Anambra State, (both, born-again Christians) were special advisers in my administration.

“Wike’s claim that Rivers is a Christian State is pathological lies. It suggests that not only are the people of Rivers State 100% Christians but Muslims and adherents of other religions from other parts of Nigeria cannot make Rivers State their home.

” It also insinuates that Rivers State operates a government, a constitution of its own, different from the Nigerian Nation.

“It means Rivers State does not recognize or protect the interests of people like Alabo Mujahid Dokubo Asari, Alhaji Isa Boaima, Alhaji Sani Okiri, Alhaji Ahmed Sani Pe, Alhaji Abdul’aziz Pepple, Alhaji Sulaiman Akani, Alhaji Ibrahim Orlu, Alhaji Musa Brown, Chief Hassan Douglas and Alhaji Mustapha Wakama who are all Muslims and productive citizens of Rivers State” he wrote. 



“Bride price is not Christian” Freeze says as he reveals no man will pay a single Kobo as bride price to marry his daughters

Daddy Freeze has condemned the payment of bride price and has said no daughter of his “will be bought or sold like a commodity”.


The media personality who has one biological daughter and other adopted daughters from his partner, said bride price is biblical but not “Christian”. He went on to add that he hopes for a world where the payment of bride price will be abolished.


He wrote: 


No daughter of mine would be bought or sold like a commodity.

Bride price is biblical, yes, but NOT christian! It’s not everything that is biblical that is christian.

No where was any christian mandated to pay bride price and since we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28 
There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ), neither male nor female. So unless groom price is introduced as well, let’s do away with a tradition that that in many places indicates that a woman has been bought and if she wants to leave the marriage she must leave the children of the marriage behind, absolute, ridiculous buffoonery and utter nonsense!

A clear biblical example of where murder was a ‘bride price’ as David killed 200 men and cut their penises just to marry Saul’s daughter.


‘No genuinely born again woman can wear a bikini at the beach’

A Facebook user has said that any woman who wears a bikini at the beach is not “genuinely born again”.


Joe Nwagu wrote: “A genuinely born again woman cannot go to an open beach and wear only pant and bra called bikini to swim, it’s evil.”




This comes after actress Meagan Good was criticized by a follower for wearing a bikini despite being married to a pastor (read here).


Nigerian prodigal son becomes a PhD holder, shares his inspirational story

A Nigerian PhD holder has shared his inspirational story just after bagging the highest university degree from an American university. 

Reflecting on how far he has come, Ezekiel Olusola Adekanmbi disclosed that he grew up without his father as he died shortly after he was born. He further disclosed that he became a prodigal son by occasionally moving out of their home when he was just 10, sleeping in the markets and sometimes in the mosque or the church beside their house. 

Things however changed after he learnt how to play the piano at the age of 14. According to the Nigerian man who bagged a PhD in Chemical Engineering, he gave his life to Christ at that age and everything turned out right.  Adekanmbi also dedicated his certificate to his mother who despite making a profit of N120 ($0.3) per day from her business, trained him and his 4 siblings beyond Secondary School. 


I received my PhD certificate in the mail today and could not hold back my tears. I kept reflecting on how my mother would make me hawk 2 dozens of bread every morning before heading to middle and high schools. She didn’t have money but wanted the 5 of us to go to school. I grew up without a father. In fact, I saw my father only 3 times before he died. It is not good to be born in a poor home neither is it good to grow up without a father.

I chose the path of the prodigal son by occasionally moving out of our home at age 10, sleeping in the markets, and sometimes in the mosque or the church beside our house. However, whenever I decided to go back home, my mother would ring it in my ears; “Education is the only way out of our pathetic situation. My son, read your books”. Every now and then, people would come to her that her son had destroyed one thing or the other. She beat the hell out of me. But the more she beat me, the more my heart became hardened. I just wanted to be independent of her. Her rules were too stringent. At age 14, things turned around. I had learnt how to play the piano. The more I played songs of praises and hymns, the more my mind became renewed, the more I listened to my mother and the more I allowed God to work through me. I gave my life to Christ, and was confirmed into the body of Christ at Christ Anglican Church, Ogere Remo, Ogun State, Nigeria. Today, the rest is history. I am now a PhD holder!!!

This certificate is dedicated to my mother. Despite making a profit of N120 ($0.3) per day from her business, she sponsored the five of us beyond high school. God has a plan for every living creature. No matter how stubborn and anti-Jesus your child may be now, with prayer and trust in God, your child will come back home. It is written, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. The Lord that changed Saul to Paul can change your son in the same manner he changed me. It pays to give ones’ life to Jesus and allow Him to take over. Thank you Lord, for your blessings on me!!!

Shoemaker reveals how a woman snubbed him at a recent entrepreneurs’ hangout and what happened afterwards

Never judge a book by its cover, they say, and a woman learnt this the hard way at a recent  event for entrepreneurs.


Adeoluwa Billions, an indigenous shoemaker in Nigeria, said he met a woman at an entrepreneurs hangout and introduced himself, then offered his hand for a handshake. But the woman snubbed him and refused his handshake because she’s never heard of him.


@Gbaja_Adeoluwa tweeted: 


I was at Entrepreneurs hangout recently and I told this girl I run a shoe company, she refused to shake my hand & said she knows only 3 reliable shoe makers in Naija
1. David Wej.
2. Joe Maverick Shoes.
3. Nineteenth shoes.

I just shook my head & walked away, she didn’t know ?



Well, unknown to the woman, the man she snubbed is the founder of one of the brands which she mentioned.



To make matters worse for her, during the event, the same man she snubbed was assigned to mentor her.



See more tweets below.


“I’ve been battling a spine disease for so many months now” Shan George reveals

Shan George has revealed she has been battling a health challenge for many months and even had to undergo a very delicate spine surgery in Abuja recently.


The veteran Nollywood actress shared photos from her hospital bed this morning.

She wrote:

I’ve been battling a spine disease for so many months now, in and out of hospital since January 2019, finally I was told d only solution is a spine surgery, a very delicate surgery that can render me permanently paralysed for d rest of my life if not properly done. I was so scared, the bill for such surgery runs into millions of naira. Long story short, I finally did the surgery In a clinic in abuja called Brain and Spine Surgery Consotium.

I want to say a very big thank u to friends and family who went out of their way to support with d huge surgery bill, I will never forget u for supporting instead of looking for lame heartless reasons and excuses not to help. God bless u all immensely. Who says Brain, Spine and other delicate Surgeries can’t be done in Nigeria? I’m recuperating fine. Help me thank God.

What If You’re Forfeiting a Perfect Skin Because You are Shaving Wrongly?

Smooth skin is an asset, without it, how would any of us be able to slay in those killer high slit dresses, summer shorts or bikinis?


The only problem is that keeping a smooth and clear skin can be way much trouble than we wish for. From acne to inflammation and dryness, skin problems are so many and there’s hardly anyone who’s never faced it.


However, sometimes the reason you experience very little results even when you seem to be giving your skin a lot of attention could be due to a few petty mistakes you’re making when it comes to your skincare routine.


One commonly made mistake is using razors to remove body hair, and in this post, we’ll be addressing how this could be ruining skin health.


Skin Dryness

The first reason razor shaving is inadvisable for hair removal is that it strips off moisture and oils from the outer layer of your skin, leaving it dull, dry and exposed. Moisture softens your body hair making it easy to remove. It also nourishes your skin helping it recover quickly from the moisture loss caused by hair removal. Unfortunately, the jagged edges of a shave stick is simply not friendly to your skin and that is why you feel itchy or sore after using razors.


Razor Burns and Cuts

Razor burn is a discomforting burning sensation you experience on a reddened, tender and sometimes itchy patch on your skin. Razor burns are caused by shaving over unmoisturized skin using dull razors and lack of gentleness when shaving. Many times, razor burns lead to infections like tiny boils. Razors also expose you to cuts should you make any mistakes while shaving and many times this cuts eventually get infected and inflamed.


Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hair is shaven hair that begins to grow underneath the skin instead of shooting upwards to the surface, causing inflammation. This usually happens when dead skin blocks the skin pores disallowing hair underneath from growing out freely. Ingrown hairs are not only embarrassing but can also be painful. They lead to pus-filled bumps and sores and sometimes boils. Ingrown hairs can be prevented if your skin is exfoliated before hair removal.



What Makes Veet Hair Removal Cream Different?


Veet works very differently from a shave stick or shaving razor. It softens your skin and body hair while making it easy for hair to gently come off skin. Veet does not just remove the hair on your skin but keeps it healthy by nourishing it with essential ingredients.


Here are five important ways Veet cares for your skin:


  • It exfoliates dead skin cells allowing your pores to be open for new growth.
  • It visibly brightens.
  • It adds moisture to your skin.
  • It leaves your skin feeling smooth and aglow.
  • Veet soothes your skin leaving it feeling freshened.


To be happy and comfortable in your skin, you not only need to TREAT it right, you’ve also gotta VEET it right.


Visit our online store today.

Skimpily clad Moyo Lawal twerks beside an Arab boat captain then replies to a follower who criticized her for it (video)

Moyo Lawal shared a raunchy video of herself twerking beside an Arab boat captain in a see-through bodysuit.


The actress pointed out in her caption that anyone who has a problem with what she was doing should focus on the boat captain and desist from criticizing her.



But a follower called her out for her actions and Moyo replied.


@mmajesus wrote: “Am almost speechless. Sad enough to think that almost everyone is hailing her.Chai! there is something about this generation that is quite troubling but only those with spiritual eyes can attest to this.”


And Moyo responded: “uuum let’s talk spirituality ma’am… Hit me, please exactly what have I done…. Before you even start, let me remind if you watch entertainment, I have seen almost every female singer entertain people dancing, twerking doing whatever even in bikini …. So what is your point ma? So I can rightly assume you and your husband only listen to gospel music yes??”



See the video below.


“Good Samaritan” who claimed he used his last cash to save a dying hawker has been exposed as a fraud who stole the photos

A “Good Samaritan” who went viral yesterday after he claimed he used his last cash to save a collapsed hawker (read here) has been exposed as a fraud.


The man claimed on August 29, 2019, that he saw a hawker who collapsed in Ikotun Market, Lagos, while going to get food for his 4-year-old daughter. Seeing as no one was helping her, he rushed her to the hospital and used the only money he had left to pay her bills. Then he went home and drank Garri with his daughter.



People praised him for his actions and the fraudster quickly provided his account number so they can donate to the sick woman’s hospital bills. 


But, it has been discovered that he stole the photos from a Facebook post shared by an evangelist on January 15.



The evangelist and his members had gone on a ministration in New Benin Market, Benin, Edo state, when they met the banana hawker who had collapsed.


But this Twitter user stole the photos and tried to use it to scam well-meaning Nigerians.


Some Twitter users caught him in his lie and called him out and he blocked them. He has now deactivated his Twitter account as Twitter users are calling on EFCC to arrest him.