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Crowds gather as pastor allegedly cures mentally unstable man and shaves his head (video)

A large crowd gathered today at Choba Junction in Port Harcourt as a pastor allegedly cured a mentally unstable man.


In a video obtained by LIB, the pastor is seen with a rosary around his neck as he confronted the fully-clothed mentally unstable man.


After a while, a crowd gathered as the ill man appeared to regain his senses and the pastor shaved his hair, making him look presentable.


Witnesses can be heard making several comments in the crowd. Some said the man, who was now topless, had become mentally unstable as a result of smoking Indian hemp.


Watch the video below.



Ubi Franklin’s baby mama makes a clarification on what she meant by playing the role of a father and mother

Ubi Franklin’s first baby mama, Jennifer has made a clarification on what she meant when she said she plays the role of a father and mother for their daughter, Zaneta. 


Recall that the US-based lady’s birthday message to her daughter which read in part  “Today am thankful and grateful to God for giving me the wisdom, Grace and strength to play both role of a father and mother in your life my Amazing blessing” was misinterpreted by those who felt it meant Ubi Franklin was a deadbeat Dad. 


Jennifer backed Ubi Franklin’s comment of her birthday message meaning that he is not physically present in the US to take care of their daughter and not being a deadbeat father. According to her, people will always say what they don’t understand.  



Ubi Franklin also revealed why he had to address the misinterpretation of the birthday message in an Instagram exchange with Tonto Dikeh. The music executive said he had to talk about it because people ask him questions when he shows up for different meetings. 



Peter Okoye apologizes to ladies he has kissed after fixing his teeth and undergoing teeth whitening

Peter Okoye underwent a teeth fixing and whitening process and he took to Instagram to show off the aftermath of it all. 


A major highlight of the show-off was the singer revealing that he has always been conscious of smiling because of the protrusion in his dentition, while also apologizing to ladies he kissed in the past. 


Peter further revealed that the teeth fixing process has brought back his confidence.  He wrote; 


But on a serious Note: if you knw that I have kissed you before! Please come and ask for a refund. I can’t shout! Swear down! This is A life Changing Experience. 

This has brought so much confidence in me. In 2020 I’m gona be constantly be on Tv with the @theokoyes reality tv series @dancewithpeter and @zoomupyourlife and ofcos the brand Mr P. Trust me it’s about to go down! welcome to my world


Senator Shekarau slams Governor Wike over mosque demolition and declaring Rivers state a Christian state

Senator Ibrahim Shekarau on Friday August 30, slammed Governor Nyesom Wike over the demolition of a mosque in Port Harcourt and declaring Rivers State which he governs a Christian state. 


Though the Rivers state government denied carrying out the demolition, the former Kano State Governor and Senator Representing Kano Central Senatorial District called on all right-thinking Nigerians to condemn the act which he described as “reckless”. 


He said “All rationale and conscious citizens of this great country, Nigeria should join in condemning the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike for recklessly demolishing the Rainbow Town Central Mosque located at the Trans-Amadi Area of Port Harcourt and for irresponsibly declaring Rivers State a “Christian State,” and claiming to owe no apology to anyone.

“Muslims and other right-thinking and peace-loving citizens of this country should come together to condemn, in strongest terms, this irresponsible, reckless, rabble-rousing Governor whose apparent aim is to ignite a religious conflagration, the kind of which has never been seen in recent times.

“If a Muslim Governor were to come out openly and declare his state a “Muslim State” and proceed to demolish a church for any reason, all hell would have since broken loose in Nigeria, and sections of the Christian community would have since rushed to the “international community” and even the United Nations seeking protection against Muslims.

“The action of Governor Wike is a pointer to his being induced by other than rationale brain waves, as no leader in his right senses would contemplate stoking these embers of discord in a country so religiously, ethnically and regionally charged as Nigeria.

“We must repeat that were a Muslim Governor to be reckless to utter even half of what Governor Wike uttered, the fragile peace holding in this country would have since been jeopardized because of the intolerant nature of a section of the citizenry.

“Yet here we are, with the added tragedy of a cohort Christian clergy lining up to bless and endorse Governor Wike’s action.”


Senator Shekarau added that Nigeria belongs to everyone and no state in Nigeria can claim to be mono-religious. He went on to name some Rivers State indigenes who are Muslims. 


“Nigeria belongs to all, and no state in Nigeria could claim to be mono religious.

“It only takes a responsible leadership to carry everybody along. When I held sway as governor of Kano State between 2003 and 2011, we encouraged and guided the people to lead their lives according to the tenets of Islamic Law (Shari’ah).

”But we neither became power-drunk to demolish Churches nor disregarded the provisions of section 10 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to declare Kano an Islamic State.

“Our fair dealings with every section of the community earned us commendation, even from Kano State Chapter and National Body of Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) at different occasions. These Christian leaders are a still alive today to attest to my claim.

“It may interest Wike to learn that Mr. Tala Ilo from Bayelsa State and Mr. Chris Chibuzor Azuka from Anambra State, (both, born-again Christians) were special advisers in my administration.

“Wike’s claim that Rivers is a Christian State is pathological lies. It suggests that not only are the people of Rivers State 100% Christians but Muslims and adherents of other religions from other parts of Nigeria cannot make Rivers State their home.

” It also insinuates that Rivers State operates a government, a constitution of its own, different from the Nigerian Nation.

“It means Rivers State does not recognize or protect the interests of people like Alabo Mujahid Dokubo Asari, Alhaji Isa Boaima, Alhaji Sani Okiri, Alhaji Ahmed Sani Pe, Alhaji Abdul’aziz Pepple, Alhaji Sulaiman Akani, Alhaji Ibrahim Orlu, Alhaji Musa Brown, Chief Hassan Douglas and Alhaji Mustapha Wakama who are all Muslims and productive citizens of Rivers State” he wrote. 



Ubi Franklin responds as his first baby mama says she plays the role of father and mother in their child’s life

Ubi Franklin has been forced to issue a response after his first baby mama made a statement that gave the impression he’s a deadbeat father.


Jennifer, while celebrating Zaneta, the child she had with Ubi Franklin, said she “plays the role of father and mother” in their daughter’s life.



Ubi quickly responded to Jennifer’s statement by revealing he’s not in America, so cannot always be present to play his fatherly role.


He, however, pointed out that his baby mama did not say that he doesn’t provide for their daughter.


He wrote: 


That woman did not say I don’t take care of my daughter.
If you read up my post, it shows clearly that I don’t live in America and she does most of the work and doesn’t mean I am not doing my side of the pack.
When a woman says I do father and mother job meaning she is a single mother and lives far away and she does all the correcting from a mother and from father. This doesn’t mean I don’t do my job as a father.
Anyone who reads well will see that her post meant no harm.


“I play role of father and mother” Ubi Franklin’s first baby mama says as she celebrates their daughter’s birthday

Ubi Franklin’s first baby mama insinuated in a new post that Ubi isn’t fulfilling his responsibility as a father.


Jennifer took to Instagram to wish their daughter a happy birthday and she said in her post that she is the one who plays the role of father and mother in their child’s life.


Jennifer shared a photo of Zee to celebrate her on her 4th birthday and she wrote:


Today am thankful and grateful to God for giving me the wisdom, Grace and strength to play both role of a father and mother in your life my Amazing blessing. Been a single mom is not something I ever wished for but you came along and you made that job worth fighting for. 
You are beautiful and smart 
Girl your hyper activeness(too damn much ????)is on another level but that’s what makes you unique 
Today my child as you turned @4 I asked nothing else from my Heavenly Father but his continuous blessings and his divine protection over your life ????
Zee you are a shooting star, Nothing compares to you my greatest gift 
I love you with my whole life 
Thank you for making me beautiful 
Happy birthday and many more years to come UFEDOOJO ???????????????




Mother shares hilarious painting her daughter drew of “mummy and daddy”

A woman has amused Facebook users by sharing the painting her daughter drew of “mummy and daddy”.


Sarah Morrisey, 39, said daughter Sophia, 6, showed her the painting and she “couldn’t stop laughing” at the rather rude-looking portrait.


Sarah was drawn to look like a stick woman with blonde hair but her partner Amir Shah, 39, was drawn in the shape of a smiling penis.



Sarah, from Burnley, Lancashire, said her laughter at the picture left daughter Sophia very confused.


Mum-of-three Sarah said: “It was different to her other pictures to say the least, I couldn’t stop laughing.


“Sophia was so proud of herself when she presented the ‘portrait’ of us and she didn’t understand why we were crying with laughter.


“I posted the picture on Facebook and my friends found it just as funny, it made us chuckle for a good few days.



“Even my eldest Kamran, 11, was laughing but I reassured Sophia it was a lovely picture to make sure she didn’t get upset.


“I can’t say we will be framing that picture any time soon.”

Shoemaker reveals how a woman snubbed him at a recent entrepreneurs’ hangout and what happened afterwards

Never judge a book by its cover, they say, and a woman learnt this the hard way at a recent  event for entrepreneurs.


Adeoluwa Billions, an indigenous shoemaker in Nigeria, said he met a woman at an entrepreneurs hangout and introduced himself, then offered his hand for a handshake. But the woman snubbed him and refused his handshake because she’s never heard of him.


@Gbaja_Adeoluwa tweeted: 


I was at Entrepreneurs hangout recently and I told this girl I run a shoe company, she refused to shake my hand & said she knows only 3 reliable shoe makers in Naija
1. David Wej.
2. Joe Maverick Shoes.
3. Nineteenth shoes.

I just shook my head & walked away, she didn’t know ?



Well, unknown to the woman, the man she snubbed is the founder of one of the brands which she mentioned.



To make matters worse for her, during the event, the same man she snubbed was assigned to mentor her.



See more tweets below.


President Trump cancels automatic citizenship for children of US citizens born abroad and children of non-citizens born in US (video)

A new policy alert released by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services under President Trump’s administration, has cancelled automatic citizenship for the children of some US service members and US government employees living abroad and children of non-citizens born in the United States. 

Under the new citizenship policy which will be effective from October 29 as announced on Wednesday August 28, US citizens who gave birth to their children abroad are expected to apply for U.S. citizenship ahead of the child’s 18th birthday. 

Non-citizens are also expected to stay for at least 6 weeks in the US before their children born in the country will be considered citizens. 

“Effective October 29, 2019, children residing abroad with their U.S. citizen parents who are U.S. government employees or members of the U.S. armed forces stationed abroad are not considered to be residing in the United States for acquisition of citizenship,” the policy read.

“Similarly, leave taken in the United States while stationed abroad is not considered residing in the United States even if the person is staying in property he or she owns.

“Therefore, U.S. citizen parents who are residing outside the United States with children who are not U.S. citizens should apply for U.S. citizenship on behalf of their children under INA 322 8, and must complete the process before the child’s 18th birthday.

“The child of a member of the U.S. armed forces accompanying his or her parent abroad on official orders may be eligible to complete all aspects of the naturalization proceedings abroad. This includes interviews, filings, oaths, ceremonies, or other proceedings relating to naturalization.

“Applications filed on or after October 29, 2019 are subject to this policy. The policy in place before October 29, 2019 applies to applications filed before that date. Children who have already been recognized through the issuance of a Certificate of Citizenship as having acquired U.S. citizenship under INA 320 are not affected by this policy change.”

Nappy drops two new singles “Monalisa” and “Friends are bad”

King of the new wave, @nappydlrow Nappy Boy is here to stay! The Nigerian born rapper, singer and song writer follows up his fans favorite single “She didn’t know” with two new music video! Nappy is giving his fans a treat as he drops two new singles “Monalisa” and “Friends are bad”.

Monalisa is an Afrobeats inspired tune produced by …… Nappy flaunts affluence with references to Gucci Bags and Versace as he rhymes about courting a girl so beautiful that he calls her Monalisa. The video was shot and directed in Nigeria by Unlimited LA.

Nappy’s second single, Friends are Bad is a Hip Hop inspired tune produced by Chikky Chizzy. He continues to show love to the ladies in this banger, Nappy is in touch with his emotions as he delivers rhymes and melodies in true pop star fashion.The video was shot and directed in South Africa by Kyle White.



Nappy is one to look out for and he is dedicated to the hustle. The Naptown front man continues working on his art by delivering hit to hit. Fans can expect more of the same from him as he is concluding work on his upcoming EP.

Listen to his new singles “Monalisa” and “Friends are bad” here.




Kim Kardashian announces Kanye West’s ninth-studio album is called ‘Jesus Is King’ and posts tracklist


Looks like Kanye West is set to release his ninth studio album. 


His wife, Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Thursday night (August 29) to share a photo of a notebook which appeared to contain the 42-year-old rapper’s new album title with a tracklist.


The album called ‘Jesus Is King’ was originally supposed to be called ‘Yandhi‘ and released in October of last year, but was pushed back to the end of November. 


The 38-year-old reality star and mother of four also announced that the release date of the album with 12 tracks will be September 27. 


You are ignorant and playing petty politics- Presidency fires back at Kingsley Moghalu

The Presidency has carpeted former Presidential candidate, Kingsley Mogahlu, who recently called out President Buhari over his non-invitation to the G7 summit which held in France from August 24th to 26th. 


Moghalu in a series of tweets posted yesterday, lamented that President Buhari was not invited to the G7 summit whereas smaller African economies like Rwanda were honoured with an invitation to meet and rub minds with world leaders.


“It is sad that President Muhammadiu Buhari of Africa’s supposedly largest economy wasn’t invited to the G7 summit in France but Paul Kagame of Rwanda and Cyril Ramaphosa of South Africa were. Our country should be at the table, not on the menu! Obasanjo, like him or not, was at the table’.

The point is that South Africa is virtually always at the table, it is a member of the G20, but Nigeria is not. Why? 

“That Nigeria’s standing in the world has declined is a fact that has practical implications for us here at home, and it is also a reflection of our domestic weakness.

“In my view, Nigeria has been in decline for the past decade essentially. It’s just gotten so worse in recent years. So, I am not ascribing this collective reality only to one leader or government.” Moghalu said


Responding to Moghalu’s tweets, Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said Moghalu is either ignorant or playing petty politics. In a series of tweets, Garba said the non-invitation of President Buhari to the G7 meeting is not in anyway a snub on President Buhari neither does it diminish the status of President Buhari. See his tweets below.