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Video: Timaya – “Sili-Kon” (Starring Daddy Freeze)

Dem Records premieres the official music video for Timaya’s new hit single – “Sili-Kon”, Directed by Unlimited L.A

Legendary Afro-dancehall act, Timaya came through with another hit entitle, “Sili Kon“. He employed the services of afrobeat/pop hit maker, Kel P vibes for a smashing beat that will go with his Chulo vibes. Papichulo sang about the ladies that has been distracting him with heavy but and boobs.

On this new video directed by Unlimited LA, he features OAP – Daddy Freeze as the Father. Papichulo went to Father Freeze to confession his sins about big booty he sees everywhere, chasing his life. Timaya shared in more light in the video below, Watch and Enjoy!

“Bride price is not Christian” Freeze says as he reveals no man will pay a single Kobo as bride price to marry his daughters

Daddy Freeze has condemned the payment of bride price and has said no daughter of his “will be bought or sold like a commodity”.


The media personality who has one biological daughter and other adopted daughters from his partner, said bride price is biblical but not “Christian”. He went on to add that he hopes for a world where the payment of bride price will be abolished.


He wrote: 


No daughter of mine would be bought or sold like a commodity.

Bride price is biblical, yes, but NOT christian! It’s not everything that is biblical that is christian.

No where was any christian mandated to pay bride price and since we are all one in Christ (Galatians 3:28 
There is no longer Jew or Gentile, slave or free, male and female. For you are all one in Christ), neither male nor female. So unless groom price is introduced as well, let’s do away with a tradition that that in many places indicates that a woman has been bought and if she wants to leave the marriage she must leave the children of the marriage behind, absolute, ridiculous buffoonery and utter nonsense!

A clear biblical example of where murder was a ‘bride price’ as David killed 200 men and cut their penises just to marry Saul’s daughter.


”Why put a good paying job with benefits and a future on the line for a few Instagram likes? ”- Daddy Freeze reacts to MET police alleged plans to sack Khafi

Daddy Freeze has reacted to the alleged plans by the Metropolitan Police in the UK to sanction one of its staff and current BBNaija Housemate, Khafi, for having sex in the house with her fellow housemate, Gedoni.


In a post he shared on his IG page, Freeze wondered why she would abandon her job to contest in #BBNaija just to gather ”few followers and likes on Instagram’. According to him, she can make the prize money of N60 million if she stayed productive on her job.


Reacting to reports of Khafi having sex with Gedoni in the house, Freeze wondered why she couldn’t have restrained herself. Read what he wrote below


While some will say it’s her life, I wonder why she would do something I personally consider quite reckless?

Like putting a good paying job with benefits and a future on the line for a few followers and linkes on Instagram? How much is N60m that she can not earn from her job in 2 or 3 years?

The s*x part also got me piqued, is she the only one with a vagina? Why she no fit hold body small? But like you guys will say, it’s her life…. So I have no choice but to wish her well. ~FRZ

Jesus was invented 400 years ago

Daddy Freeze has joined the social media conversation of ‘Jesus being the only way to heaven’ ignited by Maraji’s post, with his opinion on the claim. 


Recall LIB reported that Maraji’s post which many described as ‘offensive and insensitive’ read “There is only one way to heaven. No Allah, no Buddha, no Krishna, no evolution, Only Jesus.”


However reacting to the claim made by the Instagram comedienne, Daddy Freeze alleged that Jesus Christ was invented 400 years ago and was not known by people who lived on earth before then. The media personality and ‘Free The Sheeple’ leader further stated that the truth about Yahushua, the real son of Yahweh was destroyed at that time to make room for a manipulative, monetized and politicized ‘Jesus’ doctrine.


Admitting that Maraji’s intentions are pure, Daddy Freeze however noted that her knowledge of the truth is in doubt and further asked her to embrace the truth so she won’t end up having a zeal for God without knowing who He truly is.


He wrote; 


Dear Maraji,
Jesus was invented about 400 years ago, just about the same time the truth about Yahushua, the real son of Yahweh was destroyed, to make room for a manipulative, monetized and politicized ‘Jesus’ doctrine.

If you went back in time only 500 years ago, not a soul on earth would have the foggiest idea who ‘Jesus’ was.

How can a name the disciples didn’t even know existed, be the way to Yahweh??

? Acts 4:12 ?
New International Version
Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

Ask yourself this question, if there was no other name under heaven given to mankind for salvation 2000 years ago, where did ‘Jesus’ come from only 400 years ago, when both the Hebrew and English language didn’t have a ‘J’ sound?

Until 400 years ago, the English language didn’t have ‘the letter J’. Clear evidence of this exists in the original 1611 translation of the king james Bible, where ‘John’ was ‘Ion’ and ‘Jeremiah’ was ‘Ieremiah’.

In addition to this, both Jesus and Joshua had the exact same name In Aramaic and Hebrew; ‘Yahushua’ so why does ‘Joshua’ still sound like the original name, while a new name had to be invented for the pagan Roman god ‘Jesus’ whose birthday was merged with pagan gods, while his resurrection was aligned with the celebration of ‘eostre’ a pagan Saxon goddess??

If the name ‘Jesus’ didn’t exist until 400 years ago, don’t you want to find out what name was being used to cast out demons in the scripture below?????

? Luke 9:49 ?
New International Version
“Master,” said John, “we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we tried to stop him, because he is not one of us.”

Jesus is absolutely NOT the way, Yahushua is, and his doctrine is the truth, the light, the spirit and the embodiment of the word, grace and love of Yahweh.

I know your intentions are pure but your knowledge of the truth is in doubt, embrace the truth so you don’t end up having a zeal for God without knowing who he truly is. ~FRZ

? Romans 10:2 ?
New International Version
For I can testify about them that they are zealous for God, but their zeal is not based on knowledge.

I’ve always been pro-divorce if sh*t don’t work

Daddy Freeze revealed that he has always been ‘pro-divorce’ while reacting to Sonia Morales’ official statement on the end of her marriage to IK Ogbonna. 


LIB reported earlier that Sonia confirmed the divorce in a lengthy post which she said should have come much earlier. According to her, she struggled to make things right the best possible way within and even beyond her capacities before making the announcement. If you missed her post, read here


Commenting on the divorce announcement, Daddy Freeze stated it is quite sad as he genuinely respected IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morale’s relationship even though he has always been ‘pro-divorce’ if marriage doesn’t work out. He wrote; 


I have always been, out of sheer experience, very pro divorce if shit don’t work…….

But this is one couple I genuinely loved and respected… Really sad.


Court orders EFCC to freeze 3 bank accounts belonging to Lagos State government

A Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, to freeze three bank accounts said to belong to the Lagos State Government over an alleged fraud of N9.9 billion.  


The three bank accounts, domiciled in First City Monument Bank, Access Bank, and Zenith Bank, are numbered 5617984012, 0060949275 and 1011691254, respectively. Justice Chuka Obiozor ordered the “suspension” of the bank accounts following an ex-parte application by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. ?


The EFCC had prayed the judge to freeze the account pending the conclusion of investigation and possible prosecution of the Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Chief of Staff to former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode, Adewale Adesanya. According to an ex-parte application, a member of the EFCC investigating team, Kungmi Daniel, said the commission discovered “a huge inflow of N9,927,714,443.29” from the state accounts into an FCMB bank account opened on September 17, 2018 during the administration of former governor Akinwunmi Ambode and operated by Adesanya. ?


He stated that the schedule of the FCMB account showed how Adesanya and the other signatories to the account made fraudulent transfer from the accounts of the Lagos State Government and dissipated the funds housed in the said accounts. ?Daniel added that the trend in the account was that the account always witnessed huge inflow from Lagos State Government in the above scheduled accounts managed by the respondent (Adesanya), adding upon receipt of intelligence, the EFCC analysed it and found it worthy of investigation. ?


The EFCC prayed the court t grant it an order to temporarily attach and take over the accounts to enable it to conclude its investigations.

“There have been concerted efforts and attempts to dissipate the contents of the accounts listed in the schedule to this application. Without freezing the nominated accounts and temporarily forfeiting the money to the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, there is no way the fraud being perpetrated using the scheduled accounts can be stopped,” the EFCC said.

?After listening to submission by the EFCC lawyer, Mohammed Abbas, Justice Obiozor granted the prayers. ? He adjourned further proceedings in the matter till August 9, 2019.

Daddy Freeze celebrates his woman as she marks her birthday

Freeze’s wife, Benedicta Elechi is a year older today and the OAP celebrated her writing her a note on Instagram.


He wrote to Benedicta who is 41 today: “Happy birthday to you the love of my life…. Glad to be growing old beside you.”


Freeze and Benedicta share a son together.


Daddy Freeze defends Hushpuppi over Rolls Royce controversy

OAP Daddy Freeze has defended Hushpuppi who is currently being dragged by his former friends who claim he didn’t buy a Rolls Royce nor the Bentley Bentayga he flaunted last month.

The claims against the Dubai based big boy and his latest achievements are coming from Cubanna Chief Priest and Mompha.

According to Cubanna Chief Priest, the car has no receipt and the customized artwork he shared to prove he bought the Rolls Royce is something one can get from Rolls Royce withing 40 days.

He also accused Hushpuppi of sharing a fake receipt which according to him is the receipt Mompha flaunted when he bought his own car. This was also corroborated by Mompha.

According to Daddy Freeze, Hushpuppi truly bought car and he says he will be traveling to Dubai to prove it.

See screenshot below.


Daddy Freeze schools troll who called him a She-pig

Controversial media personality Daddy Freeze has taken his time to school an online troll who did not agree with his teaching and so called him a She-pig.

Freeze schools troll who called him a She-pig

The OAP while reacting to the viral story of church that was razed down but the Bibles found therein didnt get burnt, he wrote:

“Well some parts of the word of God can be found in the Bibles, while the church itself is NOT the house of God, hence why the building burnt but the scriptures didn’t! ~FRZ

◄ Acts 7:48 ► NLT However, the Most High doesn’t live in temples made by human hands. As the prophet say”

Not agreeing with Freeze’s opinion the tweep called Freeze a jobless person for being a staunch critic of contemporary Pentecostal church and also compared him to a ‘she pig’.

Leader of the Free Nation, in his usual fashion of saying no to social media bullies and trolls, slammed the tweep and also educated him.

He write,

“There’s no such thing as a she pig, it’s a ‘gilt’ or ‘sow’, if u spent the time u are using to attack me studying, perhaps you won’t be the custodian of such gross ignorance. You dont know me, so how can I be the most jobless person you know? Confused, penury infested dingbat”


Daddy Freeze reacts to Pastor Adeboye saying God drank tea with him

OAP Daddy Freeze has reacted to the statement by Pastor Adeboye who said God once joined him in breakfast and they drank tea together.

Pastor Adeboye is quoted to have made the statement during his birthday celebration last week.

According to a Tweet shared via his church’s official page, Pastor Adeboye was quoted  saying:

“You don’t have to believe me, but, God has joined me in having breakfast before.
He drank tea with me.
I call Him “Daddy” because we share a very special relationship.
Prayers prayed tonight will be answered by fire.

Daddy Freeze, a staunch critic of Pastor Adeboye and his church, replied with the quote below.

“I am glad you know this, because we don’t and we won’t!…… You should have taken a selfie with him like some of your South African colleagues did.birthdays are of pagan origin. Only 2 were recorded in the scriptures, both pagan, pharaoh in the Old, Herod; New Testament.
Christ was sad John was beheaded during Herod’s pagan birthday.
Mat 14
13 As soon as Jesus heard the news, he left in a boat to a remote area to be alone”


Daddy Freeze reacts to Korede Bello’s view on poverty

Earlier today, Korede Bello spoke on the best way to help poor people, his views got a lot of people talking, and Daddy Freeze has now also reacted.

The singer who has been off the radar for some time now wrote that one way on how to help the poor around you is to stop being one. He wrote;

Another way to help poor people is to make sure you don’t become one.

The post certainly caught the attention of Daddy Freeze who has now stated that it is the most beautiful thing he has read today. Freeze wrote on his Instagram;

One of the most beautiful things I have ever read on social media!

Instagram deletes Daddy Freeze account

Instagram has deleted Daddy Freeze’s account, and the controversial OAP took to his second account to blame pastors for the act.

According to Daddy Freeze, pastors are disturbed that his teachings are disrupting their earnings, hence they are always taking his account down.

He also used the opportunity to throw shade on this set of people by calling them servants of their bellies. Daddy Freeze’s remark was scathing, biting and sarcastic. He wrote;

We have definitely disturbed their business formula and disrupted their earnings, their god who is in their belly has been disgraced and they are raging.

If not, why are they so desperate to shut me up?

Even if they close all my social media accounts down and close down all the accounts of all #FreeNation members they still cannot mute a conversation that is already gaining momentum. ~FRZ