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Download Music Mp3: JP Saxe Ft. Guapdad 4000 – Women Who Look Like You

JP Saxe Women Who Look Like You mp3 download

JP Saxe comes through with yet another new song titled “Women Who Look Like You” featuring Guapdad 4000 and is right here for your fast download.

Listen & Download JP Saxe Ft. Guapdad 4000 – Women Who Look Like You Below:



Download Music Mp3: DJ Rampage ft Joey B & Drizilik – I Like Women

DJ Rampage I Like Women Mp3 Download

DJ Rampage I Like Women: Ghanaian talented disc jockey, DJ Rampage comes through with a new Joey B & Drizilik-featured record titled “I Like Women“.

Download & Listen Below;



Download Music Mp3: Vector – “Women and Sex”


Vector Tha Viper dishes out a new song titled “Women and Sex” to whet our appetite with his vibe

The much anticipated Vibes Before “Teslim EP” kicks off with this sultry number that highlights the many facets of the complicated but intimate moments in the interactions between two people. #VectorsVibe explores his mindset when it comes to intercourse off the mind body and spirit.

Women and Sex“, It’s not as literal as you think. Open your mind and understand that intimacy is beyond sexual desires and intercourse. Elevate your mind and search for the interconnected truth that brought each of us to life.




A visual illustration of Vector performing Vector’s Vibe. Watch the video for “Women and Sex” below

I now live with the emotions of three women, I wouldn’t wish my enemy that

Ubi Franklin expressed anguish of living with the emotions of three women (excluding his fourth baby mama, Sandra Iheuwa) as he celebrated his daughter, Zaneta’s birthday today August 30. 


Sharing a beautiful photo of his daughter in celebration of her fourth birthday, the music executive stated that Zaneta’s mother deserves a medal for playing her role as a mother and also some of his as a father. 


Ubi further revealed that he is still searching for the best formula of being a good father as he wouldn’t wish his enemy his current state of living with the emotions of three women. 


It’s been four years already my little smart and energetic zee mama.
Last four year has been about your mum and she really deserves an award for everything she has been doing and if we have to share responsibility she has done 50% of mine and adding to 100% she brings to the table. 

The world may have a different view of how I have had you and your two brothers and in my heard I am wondering the best formula to live well in life and be a good father.

Many are in unhappy marriages and many fathers don’t even take care of their kids who live with them in the same house. Many fathers don’t even take responsibility for their children or even try to have a cordial relationship with their mothers, here am I doing all round to make sure you and your brothers live well,and we still have people who think I have committed an abomination for taking care of my kids and playing my role as a father and a very good one at that. 

This is not an excuse for anyone reading this, I won’t wish my enemy to be in my shoes because I have to live with emotions of three different women (happy/sad).

This has taught me more patience, makes me double up the hustle to give all my Three kids a happy life and that’s my priority now and I don’t think there is a better way for a father to act” he wrote. 


Ubi Franklin prayed that his daughter becomes a better woman and also play the role of a big sister to her brothers perfectly. He also revealed that she took his trait of not liking food. 


“My daughter you will become a better woman from the way you talk and how energetic you are I have no doubt you will make a big sister to your brothers and will always make me proud in everything in life.
You will excel in your academics, and when you grow old enough to read this, one thing is important and that is people will always want to confine you to live a certain way while covering their own sin to make your look so bad.

Everyone reading this has something they are hiding and will sit on social media to troll others and that’s the sad world we live in now where we cover up our own and talk about others.

One thing you took form me is, we don’t like food .
Your emotions grew right alongside of you this year. While they are big and overwhelming at times, they are letting us get an even bigger sneak peek into the person you are” he added. 


”Rearing” your children should be more important to you than pursuing any career- Nigerian man tells women (video)

A Nigerian man simply identified as Darlington called into a radio show to say that women are by nature responsible for nurturing their children and must chose their children over any career.


According to Darlington, women have asked men to stop beating them and they have stopped but to ask the men to also share in doing domestic chores such as raising children is asking for too much. In his words


”You women are asking for too much. You say we should not beat you people when you misbehave in the house we said okay. You said we should repsect you, we said okay. You said we should provide, we said ok. Now you are asking us to play your own role in the house. What happen? There is a natural role for women. You are supposed to groom your baby, bring up the children.That is why the society is breaking down because the youths are not properly groom. A woman will give birth today and the next day she says she is pursuing career. Why should women have to work? The man is supposed to provide for the home until the woman has finished rearing her babies. She can now pursue career. Babies are more important to a woman than any career. If you gain the whole career and the home front is in tatters, what have you gained? Since women abandoned their role, can’t you see the reflection in the society? Women have abandoned their roles because they have become assertive. 


Many Twitter users are however amazed at his submission. See reactions below


Three Nigerian women on trial in Dubai for beating and robbing an Iraqi tourist

A gang of three Nigerian women have gone on trial after being accused of luring a man to their apartment, beating him up and stealing Dh57,000.


The 45-year-old Iraqi victim arrived in Dubai in January 2019, and got to know a woman, who he thought was a Swedish student, through a dating app. After they spoke on the phone, they agreed to meet at her apartment in Al Quoz, but when the victim arrived he was met by a group of African women who attacked him.


“The apartment door opened and five African women dragged me inside and physically abused me,” said the Iraqi man.


The Nigerian women slapped him and asked for money. He gave them Dh1,600 to let him go, but they searched his pockets and found Dh55,975.

“They were so happy when they found this amount of cash that they stopped searching me,” he added. “I was terrified that they would kill me so I pretended to have breathing problems so they would let me go,” he added.


The defendants allowed him to leave but he alerted the building’s security and kept waiting in front of the apartment. When Dubai Police arrived, the defendants jumped out of the window to escape.


An Emirati police officer, who responded to the call, said, “The women escaped and we chased them on foot. We arrested three of them and the victim identified them before taking them to Bur Dubai police station.”


The three Nigerian women aged 30, 33 and 34, were charged with robbery. A verdict is expected later this month.


Meanwhile, Dubai Public Prosecution charged the Iraqi victim with soliciting prostitution.


He was fined Dh5,000 and deported.

Man warns that women who leave their husbands because he cheated will regret it

A man has warned women not to leave their husbands because he cheated. 


According to Facebook user Damian Egbuna, “Most divorced women regret their actions. He added, “Never leave your husband because he cheats.”


Check out the witty reply he got from a female user.


Not adding your age to your Facebook profile can cost you a husband

I think we should discontinue this narrative of “looking for a husband”. It is getting stale. Women are not born to look for husbands. So, ladies, build yourself, have dreams, go for adventure, travel, have fun…just be a woman who enjoys life. Don’t let any one tell you that your goal in life is a husband. It is the man who should look for the woman and not the other way around. So do your thing and when the man who desires you finds you, you won’t need to package yourself to look attractive. I agree with the poster about not going to prayer houses praying for husbands. Get busy and let God lead the right one to you.

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Women let it all out at ‘Go Topless Pride Parade’ in NYC (+18 Photos/Video)

On Sunday, August 25, a group of 100 people including women took to the streets of New York City to take part in the 2019 Go Topless Pride Parade.

During the parage, several women went completely bare-chested to advocate for the right to be topless in public just like men without fear of being arrested or shamed.

The parade came on the eve of Women’s Equality Day in the U.S., which is celebrated Monday (August 26) in honor of the passing of the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote.

You can find the video online. 


Women expose married men in Nigeria who co-rent apartments where they take turns living like bachelors with their girlfriends or gay partners

It seems some married men are getting more creative by the day judging by the alleged new tactics they employ to get away with cheating.


According to stories shared on social media, some married friends now come together and rent apartments in Lagos, where they take turns entertaining their lovers who are unaware they are married.


Apparently, it’s not peculiar to Lagos. One Eketi Edima Ette revealed that married men in Abuja do the same.

“I thought it was only the ones in Abuja who do this.
Three or four grown ass men will come together and co-rent apartments in Maitama and Wuse, and live like bachelors. They bring their girlfriends or gay partners there.
Some have wives and children in the same Abuja.
I see Lagos is also not being left behind. Make una continue” she said.


Another social media user, Eze Nwanyi exposed her married cousin who according to her, has houses in four different states in Nigeria where he entertains his ”girlfriends”, who are unaware of his marital status.


Men need to worship their women

Toyin Abraham’s man, Kolawole Ajeyemi has taken to Instagram to state the reason men need to worship their women.


In his words, ‘women are the most delicate on earth really !! yet very strong, When you are blessed with a good woman you are blessed with unlimited happiness and long life, being with you my precious love Toyin Abraham during the theater session, made me overwhelmed at the reasons why Men need to worship their women, am I to talk about the pains, tears and other rigorous things you passed through during the process of our child’s birth’.


I’m just so speechless my love , When our women offend us and we think of the pain they pass through during child’s birth they are sincerely  worth forgiven…am not saying this so as to give your women licence to misbehave ,all am trying to say is that  every woman deserves a super man. 

Men Let take good care and adore our women, because they are our indeed our  MOTHER AND WIFE. THEY DESERVE NOTHING BUT OUR VERY BEST…..I respect all the Good women ,God bless you all and may you all eat the fruits of your labour in jesus name ….

Meghan Markle shares excited video showing her work with charity that gets women into work

Meghan Markle has shared an Instagram video of her latest collaboration with a charity that helps unemployed and vulnerable women get back into the work force.


The Duchess of Sussex is a patron of Smart Works, which provides interview coaching and career advice to women to help them regain their confidence. It also provides the women with the right clothes to help them land a job, and a second outfit to tide them over until their first pay check once they are back in the workforce.



In the September issue of British Vogue, which the duchess co-edited, Meghan revealed Smart Works has been working with a number of brands to create the perfect capsule wardrobe.



In a video posted to the @SussexRoyal Instagram Stories, the duchess, who shares the account with Prince Harry, revealed a compilation of clips of a photo shoot of the new collection.



In the video, Meghan can be seen greeting the women involved, chatting to the photographer and admiring the final shots and clapping her hands in excitement.



Watch the video below.